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  • 电磁场测试仪的测量步骤
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5.仪表测量单位为微泰斯拉(microTesla),如果想知道毫高斯(mili Gauss)的值,请将读数乘以“10”。
6. 建议定期检测您居室内外的电磁辐射情况,如发现有强辐射点,请重新安置环境。
7.电池更换当“LO BAT”显示于LCD左上角时,表示电池电压介于6.5V~7.5V,此时需要更换电池。不过,此后电池仍可使用几个小时。将电池后盖取下,换上新的9V电池。将盖子盖回。
1. Hit the switch to the corresponding position, select the largest file for the unknown measurement situation, and then lower it to obtain the highest accuracy. Due to the electromagnetic interference of the environment, it is normal for the instrument to show small values before measurement.
2. Handheld instruments move slowly to the object to be tested until they touch the object. Notice that the readings increase as you move.
3. Point the meter at the object at different angles and observe the change in the reading.
4. Try to record the maximum value after measuring at different angles. If the power of the object being measured is turned off during the measurement, the tester reading will return to "0"
5. The instrument measurement unit is Weitaisila. If you want to know the value of Haogaosi, multiply the reading by "10".
6. It is recommended to regularly check your indoor and outdoor electromagnetic radiation situation. If you find strong radiation points, please relocate the environment.
7. Battery Replacement When "LOBAT" is displayed in the upper left corner of the LCD, the battery voltage is between 6.5 V and 7.5 V. At this time, the battery needs to be replaced. However, the battery can still be used for several hours. Remove the back cover of the battery and replace it with a new 9V battery. Cover the lid.
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